Sunday, 29 September 2013

something quick

A couple days ago I went to the artschool and had there great time:D
Then I went to my grandma's and ate some cake :d :) So I've just done normal things these days (or I think that they are normal things...) But yeah. Actually I'm not allowed to use the computer so I have to do these quickly, because I don't have android or an iPhone, so I can't put photos if I'm doing a post with my phone.
See you soon as possible,
Taru :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Over again...

I decided to start a blog, just simply telling what I've done.
I have had a couple blogs before but it just haven't worked out, but now I'm full of new experiences so I hope this is working:)

On Saturday I went to my friend Katariina's house and we decided to take some photos outside. Here it's lovely Autumn and I'm happy to see the beautiful colours changing. So here is photos from Saturday.

If you want to read Katariina's blog posts go here